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  • Reviews

    Based on 391 reviews

    Great little tool with lots of uses.

    Best coffee ever

    This French press makes the best coffee I ever had and can’t wait to get up in the morning for a cup.

    Great coffee cool mug

    I prefer French press to pot coffee and this cool press easily and conveniently makes great coffee anywhere.

    Works great

    I drive over the road and it's hard sometimes to get good coffee. This French press makes a very good cup of coffee and I don't get any grounds in it.

    If your on the fence…

    Just buy it. I bought mine at a MTB fat tire festival on a whim, because who doesn’t need another coffe cup. I wasn’t sure it would be that useful as I camp with a French press already. It is very nice to prep it and pour water and go right out the door on the busy mornings and have the perfect coffee a few minutes later. I am liking it more and more. Great product and well built. The only improvement for me would be give me another 10oz.! 5 stars well deserved

    Folding Camp Table
    Don L Levine
    The table fits the bill.

    The right size that fits the right space for a table.

    The scissors were the why

    I bought the tool specifically for the scissors, and I’m not disappointed. They go into my EDC photography pouch, along with the pliers keychain. The scissors work really well. Maybe a bit stiff to deploy, but certainly better than if it was too loose. I don’t see me needing some of the smaller tools, and certainly not the blade as I carry a knife separately in my pocket. But, who knows? May come in handy. As for the pliers keychain, same goes for the smaller tools. But the little pliers are a really nice bonus. I sure could have used it recently, before I bought the set, when a filter got stuck on my lens, and I had nothing to use as a grabber. It’s a bit clumsy to open, and more so to close, but very doable. A fast action deployment for these tools is so not necessary. But, one side of the pliers is looser than the other, which makes me think that maybe it can be broken off at some point. Hopefully not. Anyway, now that I’ve assembled the EDC pouch, I hope to not get stuck again. And, that’s the whole point.

    Handy As a Pocket on a Shirt

    Portable and robust multi-tool. This thing is amazing and allows me to streamline my gear and my kit.


    Excellent product and excellent service

    Amazing little tool

    So I bought these scissors, as I wanted something small and compact - and I bought a Gerber Splice and a Leatherman Micra too from elsewhere. I compare all 3 tools here: https://youtu.be/D1WAST3Hixc

    The Defiance Tool has a better build quality than the Gerber Splice. It also has better scissors than the Leatherman Micra. I was pleasantly surprised with the build quality and how it stands up against the grandfather of the multi tool. It is my EDC pocket carry over the other two tools (the Gerber actually broke 2 days after I posted my video).

    I will definitely look at the other Defiance Multitoola in the future.

    Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
    Sturdy opener

    This is a solid and sturdy bottle opener and you can just throw it in your tool bag or glove box and have one whenever the need arises.

    Dads Favorite Christmas gift!!!!

    I love it.

    Great coffee and it stays hot.

    A portable and practical table for camping

    This table is perfect for anyone that needs a quick deploying table that has a stable bamboo work surface and enclosed storage. It's a must for all of our camping trips and it folds away to a super compact size making it easy to pack.

    Awesome flask!

    Awesome flask that holds just the right amount of your favorite sippin whiskey! Tough construction and fits in the pocket perfectly...
    !!Very Fast Shipping!!

    Pack Light With All The Function

    Our rule for camping is to have tools/equipment that serve more than one purpose wherever possible. This tool definitely checks that box! It is well-made and functional.
    Additionally, I cannot say enough (would give 10+ stars) for the company and service. Wish there were more companies operating in such a way building quality products.

    Perfect solution for me

    This little travel press has worked beautifully for me with CrioBru when I need a portable solution. I’m really happy with the quality of the product.

    Best coffee ever

    With the buzz grinder and French press, I'm enjoying morning coffee again. The pair packs up nicely so I will be able to take it backpacking. I'm delighted.

    Really great for traveling. Instead of having to drink room coffee I was able to bring my own and brew it with the room coffee maker to heat the water.

    BBQ Multi tool

    This product is amazing. Very compact and easy to use. I love it would recommend.

    make larger

    I love everything about this press. Yet, I would like it a little taller. I like more than one cup of coffee in the morning. If I travel with it I want the option of a second cup. So just make it bigger and I will be a happy camper!

    BBQ Tool

    The bbq tool arrived in great condition and assembled easily. This will be replacing an older set that is in a plastic case with a number of tools and we only used two items.

    Polite Comments

    Defiance Tool Review 07/11/23


    You’ve asked me a couple of times for some comments concerning your multi tool, so I’ll give you some in politeness.


    Understand that I’m not a reviewer.

    Just one person who’s been a “collector “ since childhood (Since being given my first Boy Scott Knife)

    It’s a hobby with me, and so I’m always “looking” for something unusual.

    Your utube presentation caught my eye as I was fishing around in the internet.

    I liked it, and so made the purchase.

    In order:

    1. The pliers are standard, the metal looks to be good quality.
    2. The four external blades- A. The knife looks good and useful. B. The hacksaw is meaty enough. C. The file/ruler is ok, not something that i would find especially useful, maybe s dedicated bit driver would be a better use for that slot. D. The combination can opener, wire stripper, hex bolt, etc is a good tool, i like it.
    3. The internal bit holder is ok, but, the flip side holds the glass breaker, pivoting on one small screw. I don’t think this will sustain much impact. As a “break Glass in case of emergency” perhaps it’s useful, but, i would suggest improving this design by making the glass breaker part of the frame (removable/interchanging with other bits perhaps?) And keeping the But holder separate.

    I haven’t subjected your tool to any hard usage as yet as i have one for work already in use (Leather man MUT)

    But it is in my vehicle, “just in case” i need something in “a pinch”

    Appreciate your craftsmanship, and your marketing manners.

    Hope this review is helpful

    All the best


    Almost too insulated

    I’m used to taking a big slug of coffee after it’s brewed. First time I did it with my insulated French press I burned my lips. No more—I’ve learned to sip for a while to let things cool down a bit.