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Bbq tool A+

A must if you grill and chill. Great design and built to last. Will buy again.

Great quality product!

Perfect for Vanlife

The multi-functionality of this tool is great for limited spaces like a small travel van!

Just the right size.

Works perfectly.

Perfect for van life!

The Insulated French Press To-Go is just what I wanted to make my Crio Bru! It’s so much better than my traditional French press in that it’s easy to clean! Love that it’s an all-in-one system, make it then put the cap on and sip away. Works good for cacao grounds, loose leaf tea and herbal mixtures as well. This is the perfect van life French Press! So glad that I got it!

Love the French Press!!

My husband loves the Defiance French Press! He said he has no idea how the process makes coffee taste so much better than the Keurig, but he’s impressed! He also likes the way the cup keeps his coffee hot for hours, and can be closed so it doesn’t spill during travel. Thanks for such a great product!

Great for cold brewed coffee

We love the Press and Grinder. We have now used it on two trips and it works very well. Rough grind our beans, place the filter screen half way in, and add water. After 30-60 minutes, move the filter up and down to speed the cold brew. Within 3 hours we have a GREAT cup of cold brewed coffee. Highly recommended. Great quality and workmanship.


Coffee stays hot a long time.

Travel Bartender Set
Joseph Martinez

Super high quality and super fast shipping! Highly recommend to all bartenders !!

Sportsmen's Multi Tool Combo

Almost perfect!

love this little tool so far, it’s genius! But those bits... I’m an electrician, and I’m always looking for a solid tool that I can carry that will let me do little tasks without having to grab my tools. If this thing could take standard quarter-inch bits, I would be over the moon! Also, you could slip a drill bit extension in the hole and have an extended reach screwdriver as well. And a pocket clip, I added one on myself but it should probably have one as an option. Other than that, it’s great! The knife blades seem good and solid, and came fairly sharp from the factory. The razor knife is excellent too, the tool fits my hand really well. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with in the future!

Just what I wanted

No fuss, engraved markings that are clear and can’t wear off, really nice weight and finish. Recommend without hesitation. If you’re on the fence, just get it!

All in 1 convience

I appreciate being able to brew and drink my coffee all in one stylish container.

Love this

I love this travel mug and French press. I’m new to French press coffee but it’s quick and easy to do and take to work. Also the press doesn’t take much room in the kitchen and doubles as a travel mug. This is wonderful

Shedding light on the subject

The video conference ring is an easy way to brighten the face on Zoom call. It helps present a complete picture. The unit sold by Defiance Tools has ample controls of amount of and tone of the light. Only short coming is the tripod - would be better if it has a non-skid surface on the 3 legs. The processing and shipping of the order was awesome.

Doing coffee better!

This has changed how we drink coffee! Love them!!!

Terrific tool!

I was looking for something that didn't take up counter space and add to cord and plug clutter. This is perfect!

Awesome product!

Wonderful! Great for camping. Takes about 10 minutes to drip brew a cup. It would be nice if it included a plunger or other device to force the water through a little faster.

Must have camper Tool

Awesome tool for camping. Only need this one tool by the grill. Easy to use and well made. I bought a second one for my daughter. I got them at the Sun n Fun air show.

Awesome Product!

I love this thing!!! It's creative, versatile, meets the need if the RV-er and the tenter. It is awesome for someone drinking decaf when others are drinking caffeinated coffee. Only suggestion is to offer advice on coffee grind, for best pour over. Great product!

perfect addition to our shaker set

looks great feels solid and sturdy in use. We are doing the online drink tasting/experimenting with family and friends The mixing glass is awesome, looks much better in your hand than online

Great Product ...

Picked up both items at Sun 'n Fun 2021 ... Excellent build quality. My boss was so impressed, he purchased one too :)

An excellent addition to any van or RV dweller who loves their coffee!

One of the problems in van or camper living is the difficulty in easily making a consistently good cup of coffee. The hot water isn't an issue; there are lots of ways to heat up water. But measuring the coffee, and pouring it through a paper filter is a mess, you have the used filter to dispose of, and, unless you pour the water perfectly each time, you end up with a weak cup, or one stronger than you like. This solves all of the problems. You can either use K-Cups, which I prefer, or measure the coffee into the provided filter. The water always flows at the same rate every time, and your guaranteed not only good coffee, but consistent coffee. A great product!

Works well

I like the size of the light snd the options for tone and brightness. Only slight drawback - I wish the legs on the stand were longer. But it’s a really good light - especially for the price. Definitely recommend it.