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BBQ Multi tool

This product is amazing. Very compact and easy to use. I love it would recommend.

make larger

I love everything about this press. Yet, I would like it a little taller. I like more than one cup of coffee in the morning. If I travel with it I want the option of a second cup. So just make it bigger and I will be a happy camper!

BBQ Tool

The bbq tool arrived in great condition and assembled easily. This will be replacing an older set that is in a plastic case with a number of tools and we only used two items.

Polite Comments

Defiance Tool Review 07/11/23


You’ve asked me a couple of times for some comments concerning your multi tool, so I’ll give you some in politeness.


Understand that I’m not a reviewer.

Just one person who’s been a “collector “ since childhood (Since being given my first Boy Scott Knife)

It’s a hobby with me, and so I’m always “looking” for something unusual.

Your utube presentation caught my eye as I was fishing around in the internet.

I liked it, and so made the purchase.

In order:

1. The pliers are standard, the metal looks to be good quality.
2. The four external blades- A. The knife looks good and useful. B. The hacksaw is meaty enough. C. The file/ruler is ok, not something that i would find especially useful, maybe s dedicated bit driver would be a better use for that slot. D. The combination can opener, wire stripper, hex bolt, etc is a good tool, i like it.
3. The internal bit holder is ok, but, the flip side holds the glass breaker, pivoting on one small screw. I don’t think this will sustain much impact. As a “break Glass in case of emergency” perhaps it’s useful, but, i would suggest improving this design by making the glass breaker part of the frame (removable/interchanging with other bits perhaps?) And keeping the But holder separate.

I haven’t subjected your tool to any hard usage as yet as i have one for work already in use (Leather man MUT)

But it is in my vehicle, “just in case” i need something in “a pinch”

Appreciate your craftsmanship, and your marketing manners.

Hope this review is helpful

All the best


Almost too insulated

I’m used to taking a big slug of coffee after it’s brewed. First time I did it with my insulated French press I burned my lips. No more—I’ve learned to sip for a while to let things cool down a bit.

Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel

The multi— tool

I like it. It is made out of good material, and put together well. Works great for me. Just wish it was made in the USA.

Awesome for van kitchen!

We use this everyday during our travels. It’s super compact and it has a great case. The knife is just the right size for chopping veggies, cutting bread, slicing tomatoes - just about everything! The fork and spatula are useful on their own or they quickly combine into tongs. Plus there is a bottle opener. A lot of versatility in this one tool!

Exactly what I needed

As a local delivery truck driver, I can say this is the perfect to-go morning joe mug. French press coffee is the best coffee, but I get tired of all the work cleaning a press carafe with all its filter gear. This is simple, just pour a bit of ground coffee in the cup, fill with hot water, press it and go. Rinse later. Easy!

Pull Start Fire
Mike Hall
Awesome experience

Great folks and awesome products!

Great BBQ Tool

Wish I had seen these earlier

3 Way LED Light & Emergency Auto Safety Tool
Thomas Francis Jennings

3 Way LED Light & Emergency Auto Safety Tool

Adventure Go Kit
Daylan Woltemath
Adventure Go Kit kicks ass!!!

The Adventure Go Kit is a very well thought out kit at a great price. Construction is bulletproof!!

Off Road French Press, Grinder & Molle Pouch Kit

Great products

We love your products. Great value and great quailyy

Larboard Multi-Tool
Richard Call
Larboard Multi -Tool

Great bang for the bucks. Recommending it to others.
Keep up the good work.

Quality value

For the price of these I bought a bunch and handed them out for Christmas. Can’t beat these keychains.

Always skeptical until?

Every online purchase I am a little skeptical until I use it. This knife now has street cred, it is a fine crafted tool for anyone. Permanent now in my daily go bag. Have field dresses three deer with it.

Nice bottle openers

Great Products

We have quite a few of your products. Great products great value. And quality.

Adventure Go Kit
Carolyn Robben
Great quality

Tools are great quality, fast shipping and great customer service! Bought adventure kit as a gift for my son. He was in awe if everything in kit!

Bottle opener

Awesome tool for any mechanic wanna be

Christmas gift.

I bought the Stainless Steel BBQ Multi Tool - 6 in 1 for a Christmas gift. I haven't actually used it for cooking. I really like it's made an the compactness. We do a lot of camping in our RV. We are always looking for ways to save space and this tool meets this challenge. Our Daughter and Son-in-Law recently purchassed a camper and they both love to cook, so I hope they will like this gift.

Insulated French Press To-Go
Linda El’Saleh
Great cup

It’s great. I can make the coffee and go! I’m glad I got it

A Great Boondocker's Gadget

After the first try I was convinced I liked this mug. It makes the same size cup of coffee as I usually get from a Keurig - and it tastes the same, too! A great tool for boondocking, backpacking or "just-in-case".
I wish I had two of them.