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Love this light!

This light took my participation in online meetings to a whole new level. My room and face were especially dark but now that I have this light, my coworkers can see me much better. It gives my skin a nice tone, too.

Great customer service

Great experience with purchasing. The only place I could find this jigger was here and it’s really well balanced. Rich answered every call and answered every I had about all products.

Good shaker

Gift for my husband...he likes it very well, just wishes the lid was insulated too.

Great product!

I am so pleased with my purchase and the item arrived very quickly! Thank you!

Video conference light

Had a ZOOM meeting can’t say I was good looking however I did look good.

New smaller multi tool

I like the smaller multi tool more than the larger one I purchased from you last year at R Village

Great Gift!

My son-in-law was thrilled with the Insulated French Press To-Go!

Mixologist set

Outstanding cocktail mixologist set. High quality with quick delivery. I have utilized and enjoyed this set possibly more than I should. 😁

Great Product

Great product, beautiful cocktail glass.

Easy to use and what a difference!

I knew INeeded some lighting help, when I started to doing on camera interviews and TV broadcasts from home. I looked online and found the C Larboard video ring light and thought I’d try it out. It arrived quickly, it was super easy to set up, and on my first try it made a huge difference with the look and feel of my interview. I love it and highly recommend it to others

Just what you need for zoom classes

I recommend this light for zoom classes.

Excellent product, Outstanding service.

I ordered the light during the hectic 2020 Holiday time. The light arrived and is perfect for zoom meetings, FaceTime etc. When it came, it did not contain the tripod so it could stand up. I emailed the following morning. Within the hour I received a reply and the tripod was on its way the next day. It arrived two days later. It was great service.

Elegant product

This was a Christmas gift to my husband. We’ve used it a number of times (probably too many!!) since Christmas day. Does a great job mixing our martinis and looks beautiful while doing it. I would recommend it to any “stirred” martini drinker.

Great Gift for the Cocktail Enthusiast

Got this for my sister as she is quite the cocktail enthusiast. I love my insulated shaker and wanted to get one for her. Getting the whole kit is a great value so opted for it as a Christmas gift.

Great Stocking Stuffer

Always great to have extra charging cards, especially ones that are long so you can use your device while charging.

GREAT multi Tool

Second one I bought because of such high quality for affordability

Double Wall Skull Glass

Nice functional Pocket Knife

This is somewhat similar to the Leatherman Free T and P series pocket knives but it is different. It is not quite a one handed operation but I do appreciate the nice locking mechanism so tools such as the knife and saw don't get loose. It is definitely not cheap in terms of construction. You can feel the heft. I tried the scissors and they work great. My only suggestion is that you use lubricant such as honing oil on the pivot points to loosen and protect against dirt and lint. Once I worked the different attachments, it got smoother and easier to draw out especially the knife and saw. For the price I got it for me, it is a good value. Hopefully, in the future, maybe offer a case even though it can be attached to a keyring.

Cute and useful

My husband is happy with it!

Good stuff

Received as advertised

Works Great

I purchased this fan to put in a closet where the litterbox is. The smell was coming through the small cat door and whafting into my office which is about 4' from the closet across the hall. Ever since I got the fan I cannot smell a thing. If I open the closet it still smells like litterbox, but the smell does not leave the closet now, which is what I was hoping. Minimal noise. It plugs into a USB cube which does not come with it.


Ordered them thinking they would fall apart or break like the rest of them that i have tried. First off, the workmanship with the welded outer steel jack is great, no leaks and it also has some weight to it. good craftmanship is not light, just saying. the press is also made of the same rugged material and it also does a really good job keeping the finings out of the coffee cup. I really have nothing to say negatively about the coffee press.
The grinder itself is made from the same great steel and is extremely easy to use. It pulls apart in several pieces to easily clean as well to adjust the coarseness of the grinds. It also does an amazing job, very smooth to turn, easy assembly, Overall I rate this set 10/10. To be honest I just ordered a few sets to give to my friends I like it that much and so do they.

Construction tool

This is a really good knife for construction work

Works amazing thank you :)