Insulated French Press To-Go

Portable Insulated French Press

A French press makes a great concentrated cup of coffee, but they are typically made of glass and not an easy device to travel with. Our Insulated French Press To-Go with its rugged design and stainless-steel construction, will allow you to make the perfect cup of coffee anywhere in the world.  Not only does it press the coffee, but it also serves as a double insulated cup to drink from and take on any adventure.

This is the French press brewer for coffee aficionados who enjoy a custom cup of joe but have a job that takes them on the road. Perfect for the adventurer, tradesman, van lifer, traveling salesperson, student, RVer, boater, or anyone on the go. To use it simply add ground coffee and hot water to the insulated mug. Wait for 5 to 7 minutes, insert the coffee press, press down and enjoy. So easy and your coffee stays hot for 4 to 5 hours or more!

A great pairing for the Defiance Tools On-The-Go Insulated French Press is our Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr.  Now you can grind your own coffee and experience coffees from local roasters or your favorite national brand! We also have a great  Insulated French Press and Coffee Grinder Combo!

Cold Brew French Press Option

Zoé loves cold brew! So the minute she saw the On-The-Go Insulated French Press she thought “hmmm maybe we can do a cold brew in there in addition to a traditional French press”. Just add the normal amount of ground coffee and cold water, but don’t insert the press, just screw on the drinking lid and let it sit overnight for 9 or 10 hours. When the time is up, unscrew the lid, insert the press, press down and enjoy!

Tea French Press Option

Another feature of the Portable Insulated French Press is that it can be used with any loose-leaf tea. Just drop the loose tea leaves in like you would with ground coffee, add the proper temperature water, insert the press, let the tea brew for the desired time and then press down and enjoy!



  • 450 ml (15.2 oz) Stainless Steel Vacuum coffee press
  • 304 stainless steel press with a micro coffee filter
  • 201 stainless steel double wall outer body, vacuum sealed, and triple-tested
  • Unbreakable plastic drinking lid
  • 7-gram coffee measuring spoon included
  • Size – 6.75" H x 3.1875" Dia
  • Weight – 13 oz, empty
  • Please leave the plunger in the coffee maker after pressing to make your coffee. This will ensure a tight fit with the lid and prevent leaking.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
make larger

I love everything about this press. Yet, I would like it a little taller. I like more than one cup of coffee in the morning. If I travel with it I want the option of a second cup. So just make it bigger and I will be a happy camper!

H L Riegle
Almost too insulated

I’m used to taking a big slug of coffee after it’s brewed. First time I did it with my insulated French press I burned my lips. No more—I’ve learned to sip for a while to let things cool down a bit.

Jason Kowing
Exactly what I needed

As a local delivery truck driver, I can say this is the perfect to-go morning joe mug. French press coffee is the best coffee, but I get tired of all the work cleaning a press carafe with all its filter gear. This is simple, just pour a bit of ground coffee in the cup, fill with hot water, press it and go. Rinse later. Easy!

Linda El’Saleh
Great cup

It’s great. I can make the coffee and go! I’m glad I got it

Anne G
Five Stars

Love this French press. Very portable and easy to use.

Douglas McClelland
Great Coffee

Love how easy it is to make a rich cup of Joe!

Patricia Valdespino
I just loved my Insulated French Press To-Go

... easy to use, easy to clean, the mesh is so finely done, it is a smart piece of design.

Steve Yogodzinski
Coffee Press

Definitely keeps the coffee hot. Suggest using to make the coffee and then drink from another cup. I use it to transport a second cup of coffee to the hanger to drink as I prep the airplane.

Jeffery Oshnock
Nice press

Nice stainless steel press that doubles as a mug. Keep coffee very hot for a long time.

Daniel C Glembot
Insulated french press

We love these french presses they are awesome.
When they say insulated they mean it! It will keep a beverage hot for hours.
We love them so much that we purchased 3 more for other family members