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  • August 23, 2023 4 min read

    Hunting for a small multi-tool that can tackle tasks in the house, workplace, campsite, and vehicle? Look no further than the Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo by Defiance Tools. These miniature and unique handheld accessories have a total of 15 functions combined, and their versatile capabilities will definitely make those wielding chunky tools envious.

    When you encounter the unexpected, you can always rely on either tool to save the day. Use them to cut, twist, loosen, open, or tighten your way through any situation that crops up. But how are these trusty mini multi-tools designed? And what are their main features and qualities? Keep reading to find out. 

    What’s the Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo?

    The Defiance Tools Scissors Multi-Tool and Pliers Keychain are two separate everyday carry gadgets, each one with its own set of functions. First is the Scissors Multi-tool, whose primary function is to slice, snipe, and cut. When not in use, the sharp ends cleverly fold away into a safe and portable package.

    On the other hand, the Pliers Keychain mainly performs the role of gripping, twisting, and stripping. It has a small chain to attach your keys, and folds into a small round package that safely and comfortably sits in your pocket. Even better, both on-the-go accessories unfurl to reveal an arsenal of mini tools. Keep reading to discover the unique functions of our two separate multi-tools in one product.

    Features of the Scissors Multi-Tool

    The multifunctional Scissors Multi-Tool has a host of other small tools on board. Here are it’s 7 functions:

    • Scissors- The spring-loaded scissors are the standout feature, and they are tough and sharp enough to cut anything from zip ties, safety belt, paper, thick fabric, foil, and packaging.
    • Eyeglass Slotted Screwdriver - Use this function to tighten your eyeglasses’ screws as well as fixing small screws on watches, jewelry, toys, and electronics.
    • Bottle Opener - We know a bottle opener is an essential member of every multifunctional EDC tool, so rest assured our mini multi-tool can crack open a cold one.
    • Wood/Metal File- When you need to smoothen or adjust freshly cut edges on metal, wood, or plastic, the file will come in handy.
    • Slotted Screwdriver- Our Defiance Scissors Multi-Tool has a small and sturdy flat-headed screwdriver to help you remove and tighten screws and tackle tasks like removing remote batteries.
    • Phillips Screwdriver - The cross screwdriver will fit neatly into the slots of a Phillips screw, helping you work faster.
    • Sharp Knife - Whether it's opening a package, slicing an apple, or cutting a fishing line, you can rely on this little but stiff knife.
    • Rugged Nylon Pouch - When you don’t want to store the Scissors Multi-tool in your quick access drawer, fold it and place it in the handy nylon pouch. This inconspicuous holster has a belt loop, allowing you to carry the tool discreetly.

    Features of the Pliers Keychain Multi-Tool

    The second tool of the combo is the mini Pliers Keychain, which folds up into a unique pocket-friendly shape. Despite its miniature size, it has 8 powerful functions.

    • Flat Nose Pliers - The main trick of the Pliers Keychain Multi-Tool is the pliers. It’s excellent for gripping, shaping, bending, and twisting wire.
    • Wire Stripper- Our mini multi-tool has a wire stripper that's sharp enough to make cuts around wires and strip the insulation off.
    • Wire Cutter - You can rely on this feature to cut thinner pieces of wire.
    • Regular Pliers - The head of our unique multi-tool can also work as regular pliers for gripping and positioning small items.
    • Phillips Screwdriver- Similar to the Scissors multi-tool, our Pliers Keychain accessory has a cross screwdriver that delivers very solid engagement with the screws you want to open.
    • Small Sharp Knife - Use this keychain knife of our pocket tool to open parcels, clip threads, and even peel fruits.
    • Slotted Screwdriver - Use this flat-tipped piece to drive and remove slotted screws and pry batteries from your kids' toys.
    • Nail File/Nail Cleaner - A keychain multi-tool isn’t complete without a grooming feature. Use the nail file and cleaner to keep your nails looking their best.

    Qualities of the Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo

    Here’s what sets apart our two mini multi-tools from the crowd.

    • Super Tough Stainless Steel Construction - Both items are fully made of 420 steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance, great hardness, and high strength properties.
    • Safe-Conscious Design - All the edged components of both tools neatly fold away, ensuring the pocket gadgets are safe to carry around.
    • Ultra-lightweight - Both pocket tools are so compact that you won’t ever feel their added weight when you carry them in your pocket or waist. The scissors tool weighs 3.5 oz, and the pliers 1.5 oz.
    • Compact Everyday Carry Tools- Each of the two accessories are compact enough to be carried in person anywhere you go. The Pliers Keychain can fit in your pocket or be attached to a backpack zipper, while the Scissors Multi-tool comes with a pouch that allows you to attach and carry it on your belt.
    • Small But Capable - Our two multi-tool gadgets may be small, but they are hardcore enough to take on most of the nagging problems that crop up during the day.
    • Sleek Defiance Tools Logo - Our handy multifunctional accessories have sleek Defiance Tools branding to bring some flair to your everyday tasks.

    A Compact and Portable Gift for the Adventurous

    The Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo are convenient handheld accessories for anyone who wants to pack greater functionality into a tiny amount of space.

    The duo will be right at home in your pocket or waist, whether you are hiking, fishing, camping, RVing, doing some home maintenance, or working in the office. More importantly, they give you the confidence to prevail when you encounter those small but tricky hurdles.

    Know someone who is always on the go? The Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain are the best gifts for an adventurous soul! 

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