French Press & Coffee Grinder Combo

Portable French Press Coffee Maker & Coffee Grinder

A French press makes a great concentrated cup of coffee, but is typically made from glass and not an easy device to travel with. Our Portable Insulated French Press To-Go, with its rugged design and stainless-steel construction, will allow you to make the perfect cup of coffee anywhere in the world.  Not only does it press the coffee, but it also serves as a double insulated cup to drink from and take on any adventure.

This is the Camping French press brewer for coffee aficionados who enjoy a custom cup of joe but have a job that takes them on the road. Perfect for the adventurer, tradesman, van lifer, traveling salesperson, student, RVer, boater, or anyone on the go. To use it simply add ground coffee and hot water to the insulated mug. Wait for 5 to 7 minutes, insert the coffee press, press down and enjoy. So easy and your coffee stays hot for 4 to 5 hours or more! You can also make cold brew by adding the normal amount of ground coffee and cold water, but don’t insert the press, just screw on the drinking lid and let it sit overnight for 9 or 10 hours. When the time is up, unscrew the lid, insert the press, press down and enjoy!

The Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr is super easy to use.  You simply adjust the grind consistency by loosening or tightening the adjustment knob. Clockwise for fine grind and counter-clockwise for coarse grind.  Then take off the lid and fill the coffee beans you wish to grind, replace the lid, and place a handle on the shaft, turn the handle clockwise.  The ground coffee is stored in the bottom cup, which makes it easy to pour the grounds into the coffee press.


Zoé loves cold brew! So the minute she saw the On-The-Go Insulated French Press she thought “hmmm maybe we can do a cold brew in there in addition to a traditional French press”. Just add the normal amount of ground coffee and cold water, but don’t insert the press, just screw on the drinking lid and let it sit overnight for 9 or 10 hours. When the time is up, unscrew the lid, insert the press, press down and enjoy!


Another feature of the Portable Insulated French Press is that it can be used with any loose-leaf tea. Just drop the loose tea leaves in like you would with ground coffee, add the proper temperature water, insert the press, let the tea brew for the desired time and then press down and enjoy!

French Press Specs

  • 450 ml (15.2 oz) Stainless Steel Vacuum coffee press
  • 304 stainless steel press with micro coffee filter
  • 201 stainless steel double wall outer body, vacuum sealed, and triple tested
  • Unbreakable plastic drinking lid
  • 7 gram coffee measuring spoon
  • Size – 6.75" H x 3.135" Dia
  • Weight – 13 oz, empty
  • Please leave the plunger in the coffee maker after pressing to make your coffee. This will ensure a tight fit with the lid and prevent leaking.

Coffee Grinder Specs

  • Body – Food grade 304 Stainless Steel, easy to clean.
  • Grinder Mechanism – Conical shaped Ceramic Burr.
  • Grinder Cup Capacity – ½ Cup of ground coffee.
  • Size – 1.875" D x 7.375" H
  • Weight – 8.6 oz. empty.


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lorena Romero

Very practical and easy to use.

Jon Ross
Great Product ...

Picked up both items at Sun 'n Fun 2021 ... Excellent build quality. My boss was so impressed, he purchased one too :)

Barbara A Thompson
Glad I found you

I was looking for a hand grinder and this one is great. Seems sturdy and breaks apart nicely for storage when not in use. I appreciate the window to see how much has been ground. Now when I’m ready to go on the road, I don’t have to grind three weeks worth at one time.
The French press travel mug allows me to take it to work and not be concerned about spilling anything.

Randall Reeder
Cool coffee tools!

I like this product!
It's well made and easy to use.


Ordered them thinking they would fall apart or break like the rest of them that i have tried. First off, the workmanship with the welded outer steel jack is great, no leaks and it also has some weight to it. good craftmanship is not light, just saying. the press is also made of the same rugged material and it also does a really good job keeping the finings out of the coffee cup. I really have nothing to say negatively about the coffee press.
The grinder itself is made from the same great steel and is extremely easy to use. It pulls apart in several pieces to easily clean as well to adjust the coarseness of the grinds. It also does an amazing job, very smooth to turn, easy assembly, Overall I rate this set 10/10. To be honest I just ordered a few sets to give to my friends I like it that much and so do they.

Wendell Smith
Mmmm Good Coffee

I had a Salad Masters cup that was Fabolous but I think your Pressure Coffee maker is better

Stephen B Lande
Good machiine

Well made and useful

Lisa askew

Great quality! We will enjoy traveling and using the coffee grinder (with ceramic burr!!) and the travel coffee press.

Coffee press aand grinder

I travel for work and this set is a great way to feed my coffee habit on the run.

Steve jensen

Great items with fast shipment. Will definitely be presenting another order soon.