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  • August 23, 2023 5 min read

    If your goal is to drive your campervan or overlanding vehicle beyond the crowds and seek your own adventures, then you need to be equipped with dependable, versatile, and durable gear. One of the handiest tools you can have around when setting off on an epic expedition is the Sindbad Multi-tool.

    The sleek, clever, and rugged Sindbad Multi-tool is a 15-in-1 everyday carry accessory that will help you tackle the unexpected and toughest outdoor tasks. Want to know its best functions are? Keep reading to discover its features, design, and how it will transform your adventures.

    What’s the Sindbad Multi-tool?

    The Defiance Tools Sindbad Multi-tool is an all-purpose fix-it accessory that has fifteen functions in one compact and portable package. It allows you to easily and immediately respond to virtually any task, whether it’s cutting, fixing, fastening, cooking, sharpening, or gripping something. Beyond adventures, it’s also one of the best multi-tools for everyday use at home, on the job, and in survival situations.

    Features of the Sindbad Multi-Tool 

    The practical Sindbad Multi-tool is definitely one of the best multi-tools in the market. But what are its functions and uses? Let’s find out: 

    • Flat Nose Pliers - The Sindbad Multi-tool has a flat nose pliers excellent for gripping, shaping, and bending wire and flat metal. It will also fix your stubborn zippers.
    • Pipe Grip Pliers - This piece has a jaw that’s suitable for firm gripping, fastening, and loosening pipe fittings and nuts.
    • Wire Cutter - As the name suggests, the feature is perfect for cutting wire, whether copper, iron, steel, aluminum, or brass.
    • Wire Stripper - Use this function to strip wires by gently squeezing the pliers handles together and making a round cut through the wire jacket.
    • Interchangeable Screwdriver 1pt | 3/16 - Our clever and unique multi-tool comes with a screwdriver with two replaceable head tips to work on different screws.
    • Can/Bottle Opener | Wire Stripper - Use the ingenious Sindbad Multi-tool to pop the top off a cold one and beat the heat when lounging and grilling in the afternoon sun.
    • 1/16 Eyeglass Screwdriver - This function is perfect for delicate jobs like removing and fitting tiny screws found in eyeglass frames, calculators, phones, electronics, and cameras.
    • 1/4 Slotted Screwdriver - Use our stiff, flat-tipped screwdriver function to tighten multiple sizes of screws, as well as for removing batteries, poking holes and prying.
    • Spring Loaded Scissors - From cutting tenacious tape, shaping dressings, removing splinters, opening sachets, breaking into stubborn packages to trimming herbs, the scissor function will play a big role in your expeditions.
    • Drop Point Knife Made of 7Cr13 Stainless - At Defiance Tools, we know an adventure multi-tool isn’t complete without a knife. So, we’ve included a drop point knife with a strong, thick tip, ideal for detail work, kitchen use, and heavier tasks. It’s made of 7Cr13 stainless steel because it gives better edge retention and wear resistance.
    • Diamond File - This piece is ideal for filing extremely hard materials such as hardened steel.
    • Double Cut File - When you want to keep your blade’s edges super sharp, this file will come in handy. It’s also perfect for removing rust, de-burring metal, and smoothening rough wood and metal edges.
    • Serrated Knife - Our tooth knife serves multiple purposes, from chopping veggies, liberating tinned tomatoes to cutting through tougher materials like ropes, fabric, hoses, leather, and thin wood.
    • Ground Tooth Saw - A saw is also at the heart of our Defiance multi-tool, and it will serve multiple roles, from making fast work of branches, getting evenly-sized pieces of fuel wood, creating pot holders or ten stakes to cutting drywall and thin plywood.
    • Etched Ruler Measuring 19cm and 7.5in- Love precise measurements? Our etched ruler will eliminate guesswork and improve your efficiency in every project.

    Qualities of the Sindbad Multi-Tool 

    Our unique everyday carry multi-tool easily stands out from the pack because of the following desirable qualities.

    • Made of Super Tough 420 Stainless Steel - The entire tool is made of 420 stainless steel, that’s known for its good corrosion resistance and high-strength properties.
    • Durable Knife - Our multi-tool knife is designed to take age with grace, thanks to the 7Cr13 stainless steel that gives it better edge retention and wear resistance.
    • Safe-Conscious Design - All tools and blades in our multi-tool lock in place when in use to prevent accidents and boost effectiveness.
    • Compact and Lightweight - The Sindbad Multi-tool takes15 essential camping tools and rolls them into one space-saving tool that fits in your pocket and weighs a mere 9.2 oz.
    • Adjustable Tactical Holster for Quick Access and Portability - Just like other Defiance Tools everyday carry tools, our thoughtful Sindbad accessory allows you to tackle a variety of jobs without having to go into your toolbox. It has a custom UM Tactical holster made of 4332 Boltaron allowing you to deploy the tool fast. The high-impact and weather-resistant holster won’t crack in brutally cold areas or deform in the desert heat.

    The Sindbad Multi-Tool is the Perfect Gift for Outdoor Lovers 

    Our multi-function EDC accessory is perfect for anyone who wants a light, sturdy, and handy tool that can tackle any rugged tasks that come up in a camping setting, job site, or home. It eliminates the need to buy separate tools and allows you to carry 15 different tools in an extremely mobile format.

    Overlanding enthusiasts will instantly make the Sindbad Multi-tool their favorite travel companion. That’s because its versatility gives you the confidence to handle any situation whenever you venture beyond the reach of cell phone towers and into the wild. Further, its sturdy design guarantees that it can withstand the rigors of everyday carry for years to come.

    Hunting for a functional and unique multi-tool gift? The practical Sindbad Multi-tool is the ideal gift for a van lifer, off-roader, casual camper, or survivalist. Have a family member or buddy who loves fixing things around home? This accessory will become an inherent part of their home maintenance chores.

    Breeze Through Rugged Outdoor Tasks With the Sindbad Multi-tool

    Head outdoors with the Sindbad Multi-tool, and it will offer more than a dozen effective solutions to everyday problems you encounter in your sojourns. Whether you want to prepare a meal, cut a stray thread, craft a fishing hook, saw wood, sharpen blades, bend wire, remove screws, repair rips, dress a wound, whittle roasting sticks, or open a cold one, it will serve you right.

    Order the Sindbad Multi-tool today and it will instantly elevate your camping game.

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