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  • June 15, 2022 5 min read

    If you’re just getting on board with vanlifing or RVing, there are plenty of things to learn, like how to pick the right adventure mobile, how to track down new experiences, and how to plan routes. But to make the travel lifestyle work for you, there are practical van life hacks you need to be aware of.

    To help you solve problems on the road, travel comfortably, and have a fulfilling experience, we've scoured the internet and put together the best hacks for RVers and van dwellers. Now, buckle up for some inspiring tricks to improve the livability of your wheeled home. 

    Turn the Backs of Your Seats into Useful Storage Areas

    Just because your camper is short on space doesn’t mean your rig should be untidy. Using car back seat organizer pouches, you can transform the backs of your Van or RV seats into convenient and easy-to-access storage areas. These pouches have multiple pockets for holding things like toys, drinks, and toiletries. Some even have a clear viewing window that can hold a tablet to keep those at the back entertained. 

    Get a Multi-Tool to Replace Heavy Gear

    Any serious RVer needs to have a toolbox. But unfortunately, most of the tools are heavy and take up precious space. If you want to shave extra grams without sacrificing safety, replace some of your equipment with a multi-tool. These handy companions come with dozens of uses, depending on the design. They can function as your pliers, screwdriver, saw, knife, file, scissors, tin opener, wire stripper, and scraper whenever the situation demands.

    Purchase Storage Bins For Clothing 

    RV storage bins are an excellent way to cut the clutter and maximize every bit of space. These storage solutions can be used to stash items under the bed, whether extra blankets, pillows, or seasonal belongings. They also come in various designs, so you should shop depending on the interior design of your rig. Stackable bins are particularly a good option to group frequently used items inside the closet, like socks, underwear, or t-shirts. 

    Harness the Power of Magnets 

    Start using magnets to make the most of the valuable and limited space inside your rig. And you can deploy them in a number of ways. One clever camper van hack is to attach a powerful magnetic strip to your kitchen wall to keep your blades easily accessible and sharp. You can also place your spices in a metal container and store them in a magnetic rack fastened to the wall. 

    Get Collapsible Everything 

    You don’t always need to create new storage compartments to minimize clutter. One great RV life hack that will help you stay organized is adopting collapsible items that occupy less space. When shopping for pots, pans, and cups, look for those that nest together. There are also kitchen containers and pet bowls that fold or collapse to create more room on your shelves and fridge when not in use. 

    Use Foam To Protect Your Sensitive Electronics

    No doubt, that bumpy road will lead you to some gorgeous wild areas. But rough roads can also spell disaster for your delicate electronics. To prevent your laptops, iPads, cameras, and batteries from bumping into each other inside the drawer when driving in rugged terrain, get some pluck foam (thick pieces of foam). Cut them into small pieces and use them to line the drawers and create small compartments for each gadget.

    Install a Whiteboard

    Another of the best van life hacks is to install a whiteboard in your camper. This simple tool can turn any RV wall, cabinet door, or fridge door into a convenient message center. With it, you can keep track of all your appointments, to-do lists, and reminders. You can also use it to create a meal plan, relay information about the places you’ll visit, scribble work stuff, or even as a place to host your kids’ imaginative drawings.

    Use a Sticker Backsplash Instead of Tile

    A van or RV’s cooking space can look old and worn fast. To revive it, install peel and stick backsplash tiles. They are inexpensive, super light, easy to attach, and the choice of colors and patterns is massive. On the other hand, regular ceramic tile is heavy and can easily break when driving. To extend the lifespan of the sticker backsplash, use additional adhesive such as gorilla glue.

    Set Up a Magnetic Mosquito Net 

    Bugs can quickly ruin your camping experience. If you want to keep the doors open to circulate air or let in more light, install a magnetic mosquito net. While pre-made bug screens will do a great job, a cheaper option is to buy and customize a standard patio door mosquito net, then attach Velcro strips along the door to close all gaps. This lifesaver will lock out all pesky invaders when recreating in bug-infested areas. 

    Get a Leveler For Better Sleep

    It’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep when the head of the bed is lower than the foot of the bed. Also, when you park your rig on a spot that’s not entirely level, your fridge might not work properly. To find the flattest parking spot for your camper, start using a spirit leveler. With it, you never have to worry about forgetting the leveling blocks. It’s small enough to be placed in a drawer or mounted on the wall.

    Pick Up a WiFi Booster 

    Reliable internet can be tough to come by when you live or travel in an RV. To avoid the frustrations of a dropped WIFI connection, invest in a WIFI booster. This device amplifies the existing WIFI signal, helping increase your connection speed. Today, you can find a secure and compatible booster that doesn't cost an arm and leg. Just make sure it has long-range signal acquisition capabilities (at least 1200 square feet.)

    Bulk Up On Foil

    One of the best Van life food hacks is to pack a lot of aluminum foil. Apart from wrapping up sandwiches, foil has several brilliant uses in a camping setting. This classic outdoor cooking essential can be used to steam, fry, or cook up a hearty meal in the wild. On top of that, you can use it to scrub rust from outdoor equipment and stuck-on food from your griddle pan.

    Save Power With Solar Fairy Lights

    When camping outside developed campgrounds, conserving the power of the house battery is always at the top of an RVers mind. Instead of using your RVs lights, use solar fairy lights. You’ll be surprised at how much power you’ll save by shutting off your bright RV lights. Fairy lights will liven up the interior of your camper and create an awesome atmosphere outside. Most importantly, they’ll save power for the essential things, like keeping your fridge running and devices charged.

    Take Advantage of RVing Apps

    Utilizing apps is one of the most essential van life hacks. Today, you don’t need to spend hours on the internet looking for RV or camper van related information. There are plenty of apps created to make life easier for you. Whether you want to find the best adventure route, discover affordable gas stations, find nearby hookups, track down free camping spots, or attend RV festivals, there’s an app for everything.

    Genius Hacks to Make Nomadic Living Simple

    Sure, living in a van or RV definitely has its perks. But this lifestyle also comes with some constraints, like the lack of space and limited power. Thankfully, the camper van hacks and tips above will help you overcome these challenges, so you can experience high periods of bliss and low periods of misery.


    Thanks for reading and don’t forget – make every day and adventure!!

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