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  • August 19, 2021 6 min read

    Imagine it. Walking The Great Trail in Canada — the longest trail in the world — fully immersed in the wilderness.

    It’s mind blowing. Inspiring.

    But no matter how wondrous the sites and sounds, after covering many miles, your legs begin to ache. 

    You need a little rest. You’re thirsty.

    Ahhhh. A fresh coffee, now that would be most welcome.

    But there is no Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton’s in sight. Don’t worry, your walking buddy has packed a travel coffee maker.

    With this nifty tool in tow, you can sit down, enjoy the spectacular views of the Canadian wilderness, and re-energize yourself to keep on journeying. 

    Of course, coffee has the same effect no matter where you are in the world.

    Whether it be in the Grand Canyon or the deep Australian outback, caffeine is the fuel that’ll keep you revved up for the duration of your adventure.

    And having a travel coffee maker by your side makes it possible. 

    We think we may have the best one for you. 

    What Is the Best Portable Coffee Maker?

    Introducing our Insulated French Press To-Go; the perfect companion for your adventures.

    Take a look.

     best coffee makers, single cup coffee maker

    This coffee maker is ideal for making concentrated coffee on the go. It’s straightforward to use and serves your delicious cup of coffee in a double insulated cup — meaning it stays warm for hours. 

    Even better, you don’t only have to rely on this coffee maker when traveling. Maybe you are working from home, a student, a realtor, or a salesperson— this coffee maker is an excellent choice for you, too — you can take it to work, use it in the office,andon the go. 

    However, travelers, you’ll be glad to know when you’re exhausted on that long road, you only have to wait 4 to 7 minutes before pressing down and enjoying a delicious drink.

    Pro-Tip: if your drink of choice is not coffee, you can use Crio Bru, cacao grounds, loose leaf tea and herbal mixtures in this brewer as well!

    So, what are the full specs?

    • 450 ml (15.2 oz) Stainless Steel Vacuum bottle.
    • Unbreakable plastic drinking lid.
    • 304 stainless steel press with a micro coffee filter.
    • 13 oz empty weight (perfect for long hikes).

    Of course, you don’t have to take our word on this being the best portable coffee maker. Here’s what Kathryn had to say:

    My husband loves the Defiance French Press! He said he has no idea how the process makes coffee taste so much better than the Keurig, but he’s impressed! He also likes the way the cup keeps his coffee hot for hours, and can be closed so it doesn’t spill during travel. Thanks for such a great product!

    Thanks, Kathryn.

    Buy yours today!

    The best part about this portable coffee maker is that it also comes in a combo option. You can buy it alongside our Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder. Let’s talk a little more about that.

    Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

    The manual ceramic burr coffee grinder is perfect for the fanatic that wants to control the consistency of their cup of coffee on the go. 

    hot water and a consistent grind. Two key ingredients

    The grinder can maintain a constant grind no matter what coffee beans you use in it, and with its extra-strong handle, the grinding process only takes a few minutes. Here’s how it works

    1. Loosen or tighten the adjustment knob to control the consistency of your grind.

    you can make cold brew too
    2. Remove the lid and fill it with coffee beans, then replace it and turn the handle clockwise.
    compact design makes great coffee
    3. Pour the grounds into your coffee maker.

        Easy, right? Here are the full specs. 

        • Easy to clean food grade 304 Stainless Steel body
        • Conical-shaped Ceramic Burr grinder.
        •  ½ Cup of ground coffee capacity in the grinder cup.
        • 8.6 oz. empty weight (you’ll hardly notice it in your backpack)

        John liked his coffee grinder so much; he replaced his old electric grinder.

        I just purchased this to replace an old electric coffee grinder that was not working well. This will be great for grinding my morning French Pressed coffee. Will have fresh ground coffee in just minutes. I can select the finest for the grounds easily and the handle works well. …Glad I found this site and picked up this grinder as it performs perfecctly.

        Buy yours individually now, or check out our combo option

        If you’re not a fan of French press coffee, take a look at our next option. 

        K-Cup Pour Over Coffee Mug

         just like a portable espresso machine


        Did you know? These makers are the most popular single-cup coffee makers in all of America. Now imagine traveling with this beauty! 

        Traveling is exactly what you can do with this coffee maker. 

        Yet, this doesn’t make any K-cup coffee. It uses a precision metered water valve to replicate the perfect pour-over coffee. Not bad for one of our simple travel coffee makers.

        It also comes with a reusable capsule, so you can also use your own ground coffee (pair it with our manual ceramic burr coffee grinder for ultimate results). 

        Here’s how it works.

        express maker that can brew coffee with ease

        ...And here’s the full breakdown:

        • Food grade polypropylene (PP) construct.
        • Stainless-steel needle in the capsule tray to puncture the K-Cup capsule
        • 9.5 oz empty weight (once more perfect for traveling)

        Here’s what Roy thought of his K-Cup maker: 

        One of the problems in van or camper living is the difficulty in easily making a consistently good cup of coffee. The hot water isn't an issue; there are lots of ways to heat up water. But measuring the coffee, and pouring it through a paper filter is a mess, you have the used filter to dispose of, and, unless you pour the water perfectly each time, you end up with a weak cup, or one stronger than you like. This solves all of the problems. You can either use K-Cups, which I prefer, or measure the coffee into the provided filter. The water always flows at the same rate every time, and your guaranteed not only good coffee, but consistent coffee. A great product!

        Get yours today

        Why Bring Coffee Makers on Your Adventure? 

        We’ve already shown our most favorite coffee maker, and we’ve already discussed briefly why you should bring portable coffee makers with you on your adventure. However, did you know they’re the gift that keeps on giving?

        They keep your coffee warm all day — and if you prefer an iced coffee, they keep those cool all day too. In other words, they’re perfect no matter where in the world you travel and that perfection makes them essential. 

        Most (and those in our line) use a stainless steel construction that’s usually double-walled, which means no air can get in. In other words, they create a vacuum that traps heat or cool air, keeping the temperature inside constant. 

        Below is a closer look at the vacuum-sealed lid on one of our products.

        add hot water into this unbreakable lid


        It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Hot water stays hot, and cold water stays cold with a vacuum-sealed flask. The fact that our travel coffee makers also create quality coffee is simply a bonus that coffee lovers can enjoy. 

        However, not everybody loves a cup of coffee — and so portable coffee makers simply might not be good for them (crazy, we know!). Here’s an option for those non-coffee lovers out there. 

        Don’t Fancy a Cup of Joe? Here’s Another Option.

        Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

        That’s right, tea drinkers, we haven’t forgotten about you. As much as we love a great cup of coffee, we know a large amount of our community love tea that much more. 

        With this Loose Leaf Tea Infuser, you can travel the world looking for the perfect cup of tea. When you find it, you can bring it with you wherever you go next. 

         tea lovers get a break with this low price super easy compact infuser

        All you have to do is fill the infuser with the gorgeous tea leaves you find on your trip, attach the manatee to the side of your cup, add hot water, and then enjoy. 

        The infuser is made of 100% food-grade silicone, which means no matter how hot (or cold) it gets, the material won’t leach chemicals. You can enjoy perfectly delicious, perfectly safe tea no matter where you are in the world.

        Lisa picked up one for herself.

        “I love my tea infuser! tall enough to grab and not worry about the hot water, and having a place to set it is a super nice touch! I think I have to order more for my friends;-)”

        Thanks Lisa!

        Get yours today

        Make Everyday An adventure. Shop Defiance Tools.  

        At Defiance Tools, we love exploration and adventure so much that we decided to make easy-to-use products to help make the adventuring experience that much better. 

        Indeed, we have coffee makers, EDC tools, and mixology gear that can make your adventureeven more memorable. 

        But who are we? We’re Richard and Zoe’, and we started our business back in 2016 to fuel our passion for exploration, adventure, and travel. 

        We’re so happy with how far we’ve come, and we really can’t wait to share in your adventures through the products we have created with love and care.

        So shop Defiance Tools today or head on over to our blog to get insider tips and guides all about the art of travel!

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