April 06, 2018 2 min read

Finally an Odor Eliminator That Works

It is time to stop asking how to get rid of odor because Zoé and Rich, Co-Founders of Defiance Tools, have found the perfect, eco-friendly, inexpensive solution. The VentiFresh Odor Eliminator is available in the Defiance Tools gift shop now!

Ventifresh Garbage

“The product really works! Here in the Florida heat and humidity garbage gets smelly very fast. Since we have to keep our garbage receptacle in garage until it is scheduled for pickup, this is a real problem. I have tried several devices and odor control scents with limited to no success. VentiFresh solved the problem.” - Bickman

An Odor Eliminator from The People for The People

VentiFresh started out as an Indiegogo campaign and has taken off from there. For people concerned with pet odor removal it has been a life hack they cannot live without.

VentiFresh Pet

“I put it on my cat’s litter box lid. It’s a plastic lid and the magnetics hold it in place very strongly. I have it plugged in so it is always going. It greatly reduces the cat box odor. And when we lift the lid to clean the box, it shuts off. Nice!” - Barbieri

But the VentiFresh isn’t just for pet owners, this eco-friendly odor eliminator is being used to get rid of odor in all types of spaces.

“Excellent odor eliminator and smart air cleaner for small spaces like bathroom, garbage pail and closets. Compact, quiet and effective with no filter needed. Highly recommend this product.” - Robert

Get The Rest of The Story

Rich met the team from Conary Enterprises in Taipei, Taiwan last year and found out about their truly innovative and eco-friendly air freshener and pet odor removal product. Inspired by NASA which uses similar technology in space, VentiFresh is an odor eliminator that uses a UV photo-catalyst process to eliminate odors in small spaces at home.

Built compact and using no chemicals, it works by breaking down odor molecules and yields fresh air. One great benefit of this the photo-catalyst process is there are no filters, so it’s low-cost and maintenance-free!

For videos and more information, check out the VentiFresh.


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