November 23, 2020 3 min read

It's is that time of year! The big question always is - what gifts should you select for the important people in your life?

Here at Defiance Tools we have selected some of our best selling items to be included in our Holiday Gift Guides: Top 5 Holiday Gifts for EDC & Multi-Tools Lovers, Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Coffee & Tea Lovers and Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Cocktail Lovers.

Also, keep reading to see our featured article on How to Choose the Perfect Gift!


Receiving the perfect gift is awesome, but giving it can be just as rewarding. When you're planning on buying a gift, where do you turn? Picking out the perfect item at the perfect price can be difficult. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

1. Pay attention and read between the lines.

If you're planning on buying a gift for someone soon, pay attention to the details. They may talk about things they don't have or suggest items that would make life easier for them. Paying attention can leave the recipient of the gift pleasantly surprised.

This is easy when shopping for a spouse or family member, but what about someone you don't see on a regular basis? My wife and I recently shopped for birthday gifts for family members who live over a thousand miles away. We used a few different methods to find the right gifts:

Shopping in an area with a lot of options was the most important, as it helped us to think of ideas on the go. With so much variety, we were able to find something that fit everyone.

2. Don't be afraid to shop around.

One way to get a lot of shopping done in a short amount of time is to shop online. This can also save you money. Sending an online gift to its intended recipient is quick and easy. Certain sites even offer deals on shipping if a certain amount is spent.

Last week, I was shopping for a gift for my wife. I wanted a product that was offered by a number of different companies. I shopped around and eventually settled on a quality product with a competitive price.

This is the advantage of the internet — a large number of products can be seen from the comfort of your couch. This allows you to shop around for the best product and deal possible. Sometimes, the same product is offered for different prices from different vendors. Do some research, save some money, and make both you and the gift recipient happy.

3. Always keep in mind that the thought really does count.

Sometimes, people feel as though lavish gifts are the only way to go. "The thought counts" is a cliché phrase, but it rings true when one is buying gifts. The amount of money spent is often irrelevant;  the thought is all that matters.

Don't forget that a thoughtful gift can go a long ways.

By paying attention, shopping around, and being thoughtful, you can buy the perfect gift — without breaking the bank. Whether it's a gift for a family member, friend, or someone special, you'll wow them with your gift-buying abilities.

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So visit our gift guides now to find the perfect gifts for the people in your life and check out our website to see all of our unique and cool products!

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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