November 18, 2018 3 min read

The Defiance Tools Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Includes the Mixologist in Your Life!

As promised, Rich and I are making this holiday season as easy as possible for you! We are offering up unique gifts this holiday season that make gift-giving fun again. 

Let’s Talk Libations!

So, who is a mixologist? Some might say it is any bartender, while others may say that is a bartender who likes to create new, interesting and unique drinks like craft cocktails. Either way, we are excited to have a gift collection geared to the person who likes to create drinks.

Check Out These Unique Gifts for The Mixologist in YOUR Life

Here are a few of the professional grade products we recommend for the bartender or mixologist in your life:

We have two versions of this Professional Cocktail Mixologist Set because some people prepare to make shaken drinks and some prefer to stir!

For the Professional Cocktail Mixologist Set - "Shaken", we start with the Defiance Tools® 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker (that keeps your hands from getting frostbite) and then add a 1 oz / 2 oz Japanese style double jigger, a stainless steel Hawthorne strainer and a 35 cm (13.8 in) Hoffman spoon.  This one gets its name because the Hawthorne strainer traps the large chunks of ice used when shaking a cocktail.

For the Professional Cocktail Mixologist Set - "Stirred", we have the same base set and include the Julep strainer, the preferred tool of the mixologist when serving a stirred cocktail.

  •  The Defiance Tools 5 oz Stainless Steel Travel Flaskwill quickly become you or your loved one’s favorite portable libation carrier. Just use the handy stainless-steel funnel to easily fill this travel flask with five ounces of your favorite liquor or spirits. It fits perfectly in your hand as well as your pocket!


  • The Defiance Tools 2 oz Bell Style Solid Base Jigger will quickly become your favorite mixology tool.  Handcrafted from 304 stainless steel, you will love the solid feel as you use it to measure from 1/2 oz to 2 oz of any liquid, while you craft the perfect cocktail.  In addition, we have added in metric measurements from 1,5 cl (15 ml) to 6 cl (60 ml), in case your recipe uses those measurements. 

Bell Jigger


  • TheDefiance Tools 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker is a must-have for any mixologist or bartender. Especially those that enjoy mixing cocktails for friends and family, but don't like their hand getting frostbite from holding a standard cocktail shaker. Defiance Tools comes to the rescue with their 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Strainer made of double wall, vacuum sealed stainless steel. It keeps your hands warm and your drink cold for over 9 hours. This shaker features a jigger cap and a built-in strainer, with a food grade silicone seal that keeps the cocktail inside while you're shaking it. The 3.5" opening in the 16 oz Insulated Cocktail Shaker is also big enough to stir a cocktail with a Hoffman spoon if your customers, friends or family members prefer stirred... not shaken.


  •  The Defiance Tools Metal Skull Shot Glasses - Silver & Black are a great addition to any bar and a definite conversation starter at your next cocktail party or get-together with friends. You'll love the weight of these shot glasses as you enjoy a shot of your favorite libation. The design is inspired by the Defiance Tools logo and we worked with a factory in Dong Guang, China to develop this exclusive design to bring to our customers and skull enthusiasts.


  • Another cool find that is in this mixology gift guide is our Defiance Tools Double Wall Skull Glass. Fill this glass with your favorite hot or cold beverage and see the amazing skull detail come to life! A great addition to any bar and a definite conversation starter at your next cocktail party or get-together with friends. This 2.75 oz skull glass is double wall, so you can drink an espresso or cold cocktail and your drink stays the desired temperature and your hand doesn’t get hot or cold. So how much is 2.75 oz anyway, you may ask? It’s enough to hold an espresso shot, a jigger + a shot of liquor or half a glass of wine. 


We are excited for the holidays and hope you are too! Make sure you sign up for our mailing list will also ensure that are included in any new products or sales. We have plenty of options to make your holiday shopping a breeze!

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~Zoe’ Coulcher, Co-Founder of Defiance Tools

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